Consulting Services

Infinity Software Design - Consulting Services In addition to software development services, Infinity Design also offers consulting services related to your company's software development efficiency. Sounds nice, but what does this mean?

Perhaps you are just starting out on the road of software development, and need guidance? You don't need to use our software development services to benefit from our expertise. Let us help you find the right path to your business' software goals.

You may already have a software division within your company, or you may have a software firm you outsource your work to, and you are not ready to change companies. Perhaps, though, you do not feel you are obtaining optimal results from your resources. Are your projects usually behind in your timelines? Are you finding it difficult to retain your software-related workforce? Are you perhaps doing everything you can, but still can't seem to make your software services work for you? Then you may likely benefit from our consulting services.

Our senior architect, and manager, has extensive experience with many different companies providing a wide range of different services. Over his career, he has worked on software for some large names such as Samsung, IKON, KraftMaid, and others. Additionally, with the experience of working for many startup companies, we have the experience needed for guiding your company along the right path, while helping you to avoid decisions which may hinder your company from being competitive within the software market. With such diversity so many companies comes experience and insight into which processes work and which do not. We help identify issues in your company that may be hindering or completely halting efficient development of your products.

Issues can stem from aspects of your company that you may not even think about. Software Development is a specialized field, and has many different logical attributes, from the scientific and technical, to the artistic and creative, to the personal and inter-personal that make your team function. We have experience in each of these areas, and can help you make the most of yours!

Please contact us, so that we may discuss how we may help you make the most of the software-related portion of your company.