Our Customers

Curious as to some of the customers serviced by Infinity Software Design?
Curious as to what we can offer in terms of software?

Below are a few of our customers and what software solutions we provide them.

NSA Industries NSA Industries

Infinity Software Design provides NSA Industries, a manufacturing company, with custom reporting for retrieving data that is pertinent to them from their E2 Shop System, where the E2 system may fall short.

By simply utilizing Microsoft SQL Server's abilities, and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Infinity Software Design has been able to develop custom reports for NSA Industries quickly and as a low-cost solution for their needs.

Burke Mountain Ski Resort Burke Mountain Ski Resort

Infinity Software Design has inherited a Windows-based application originally developed by Exetechs. The application is a reporting-based application which integrates with both Siriusware and InfoGenesis (Point-of-Sale Systems) to create real-time and long-term history data reporting on aspects of number of skiers on gates, concession sales, and total income revenues compared to fiscal budgets.

This application has been maintained and enhanced since 2011 to work with the changing needs of Burke Mountain Ski Resort.

In addition to addressing any existing issues in the system, Infinity Software Design is also responsible for adding functionality, building new integration reports, and maintaining the system utilizing technologies such as C# (C Sharp), Microsoft SQL Server, and DevExpress tools.

Porter Hospital Porter Hospital

Infinity Software Design has developed a web-based application that allows Porter Hospital to track its usage of 340B qualifying medications in an effort to allow Porter Hospital to best utilize the 340B program to its fullest financial advantages.

This application was developed with ASP.NET technologies, Telerik Web Controls, C# (C Sharp), Microsoft SQL Server.