Infinity Software Design Rates

Contracting Rates

Infinity Software Design's contracting services' are billed at reasonable rates. We take into account the customer's situation, the type of software requested, and other factors to come to our hourly billable rate. In addition, any adjustments in hourly rates will be discussed and agreed upon in advance with the client. We never inflate our time or our costs, and pride ourselves on being fair and transparent with our work, while delivering a quality product.

And remember, our services are quality-based. Our developers listen to your needs and work with you to create your vision. We are more efficient and responsible than many firms offering 'cheap' solutions. This translates into a more robust product, often times developed in fewer hours than our competitors.

Consulting Rates

Our consulting rates vary, and you should contact us to discuss your particular situation, and how we may help.

Infinity Software Design - Contracting / Development / Consulting Services

Foot Notes

We realize many companies may not have the capital necessary to hire a full-time developer - we can work at the pace your budget dictates. Additionally, depending on the product, we can also work out different types of payments to make your dream obtainable.

We are proud to offer our services to work on one-time projects, large or small, even part-time! We are also happy to assist contractors who may need additional assistance in their contracts.

Please note that while Infinity Software Design has an extremely low rate of software development issues after release (software bugs), please note that with any type of human-related activities, it may be possible to overlook an issue. We always respond quickly to client issues and requests, and are always more than happy to rectify any issues that do occur. This is an aspect of normal software development procedures and will be billed at the normal agreed-upon rates.

Last Updated: June 21, 2013